Margery’s Art – Photographic Art

East African Wildlife

“I wanted to illustrate the natural grace and beauty of some of the wildlife of East Africa, through their shape, markings, and/or movement.”

In the mid 1990’s, I experimented with a technique of producing cut-out images from some of my darkroom prints. Unfortunately, the results were not consistent, and was therefore put onto the back-burner until a better method came along. With the conversion of our darkroom into a light-room in the late 90’s, and the availability of Photoshop 4, it was time to have another attempt at producing cut-out images from my transparencies.

Impala buck
Goliath Heron
Defassa Waterbucks
Marabou Stork
Female Ostriches

“I also wanted to show the natural habitat in which these birds and animals lived, if possible, but I did not want the background colours to intrude on the main subject matter.”

In some cases, the original background was put back in again. In others, the background was either slightly modified, or changed completely.

Impala buck
African Elephants
Goliath Heron
Defassa Waterbucks
Burchell’s Zebra
White Rhinoceros
Grey Heron
White-bearded Wildebeest
Grevy’s Zerbra

More examples can be found in my MFIAP section.