Canada – September 2009 and 2011

Canada in the autumn (fall) is a landscape photographer’s dream location. It is also the time of the Elk rut.

On both trips, we were part of a party of eight people in two vehicles. After landing at Calgary, we were driven to Banff, where we stayed for a few days. Then on to Lake Louise for a couple of days, and Jasper for six days, before coming back to Banff to relax and pack for the return trip to Calgary and home.

It was very hot on the 2009 trip, with temperatures reaching 33ºC in Calgary and 29ºC in Banff. In Jasper, we were up on The Whistlers mountain in tee-shirts. It also meant that a lot of the animals and birds were still able to get food higher up. The 2011 trip was a lot colder, which brought more Elk down from the mountain pastures, together with Mountain Goats and Bighorn Sheep. Unfortunately, we did not see any White-tailed Ptarmigan or Clark’s Nutcracker this trip, but we did see more of the little Pika (rock rabbit).

Very enjoyable.

At the end of the 2011 photo-tour, we left the rest of the party at Calgary, and flew on to Toronto, where we had been invited to do a couple of photographic presentations to clubs in the area. Our special thanks to our hosts in Toronto, who looked after us for three days.

Bull elk calling during rutting season
Female Moose
Dark-eyed Junco
Clark’s nutcracker on a rock
Pine needles on the shores of a river
Young Mule Deer
Female Bighorn sheep
Gray Jay
White-tailed Ptarmigan
California Gull
Usnea lapponica lichen
Female Mule deer
Golden-mantled Ground Squirrel
Gray Jay
Elk herd
Bighorn lambs
Xanthoria elegans lichen